Adapted Child's Play

The world is a playground with no limitations—where children of all abilities can learn, grow, and develop through the magic of play. Welcome to Adapted Child’s Play (ACP), the adapted physical education solution for dynamic, evidence-based and entertaining adapted physical education. Whether your child dreams of doing a somersault off the high dive board, or hitting a home run on the baseball field, Adapted Child’s Play and our credentialed Teacher’s, Coaches, and adapted physical education therapists turn dreams into reality for children with special needs throughout North, San Diego County. As a parent with a child having special needs, have you ever found yourself frustrated in trying to find coaches and teachers at traditional pools and gyms who are comfortable enough to work with your child? Our adapted physical education coaches gleam with passion every day working with kids of all abilities. Come play with us, and embrace the essence of life through empowerment and reaching full potential with our inspiring San Diego adapted physical education sports and JOY full movement programs!

Adapted Child's Play Fosters Discovery and Growth

Adapted Physical Education San Diego Programs for Students With Disabilities

Do you have a child with a disability in North San Diego County enrolled in a public charter, private school, or are you looking for a nurturing place for your child to receive extra help with the development of their gross motor skill development? Our adapted physical education teachers and play facilitator’s are trained to assist your child in developing critical gross motor skills that are needed to be successful on today’s playgrounds and playing fields. adapted physical education in San DiegoPerhaps your child would like to develop a lifetime fitness activity such as swimming and cycling. All of our activity programs, such as our adapted aquatics programs, are developed around each child’s age and interest. Our adapted sports coach and head adapted physical education therapist sit down with every family and their son or daughter in order to gain an in depth understanding of the child. If you are researching adapted PE San Diego locations for your little one, or you simply want an after-school adapted physical education San Diego venue where your child can go to work on various skills, have fun, and meet new friends, then come visit us in North County where you cam meet other parents, observe, and watch your child play and explore!

Adapted Child’s Play can help your child meet their physical education minutes as required by the state of California for all school-aged children. Our programs are tailored to each student in order to give them the ultimate experience for healthy development and fun. All of our students enrolled in various programs benefit from:

  • Gross motor skill development
  • Emphasis on fundamental movement patterns
  • Increased fine motor skills
  • Enhanced sensory motor skills
  • Perceptual motor skills enhancement
  • Self-esteem and confidence booster
  • Social skills development
  • Measurable progression of achieving goals
  • Form a friendship with our mascot Xena the Therapy Dog
  • Optimism overload!

We are fully accredited and able to transfer credits from our special physical education activities towards your school credits.

Adapted Aquatics for Children: Come As You Are

Adapted Aquatic sports is a key component in adapted physical education and is ideal for children with a wide ranging disabilities that span from Down syndrome to Autism, CP, brain injuries, and more. Our head adapted physical education coach Marnie Young has a wealth of knowledge and experience teaching children with disabilities in the water environment. Take her qualifications, and her genuine love and passion for children, and you have a caring dynamic coach eager to work with your child to help him or her reach their very best.marnie young is an adapted physical education specialist in san diego

What is Adapted Aquatics?

Adapted aquatics is a confined water based environment that can be distinguished as a sport, leisure activity, or therapy that provides aquatic activities for people with disabilities requiring the surroundings to adapt to their needs. ACP believes all children with disabilities should be provided with the right facilities, coaches, teachers and opportunities for play that children in traditional educational bodies benefit from. Many of our kids enrolled in adapted physical education who take to aquatics have either physical, mental, sensory, or other health impairments that require new directions in facilitating an environment where they can soar. This means our adapted PE staff demonstrate various adapted aquatic theoretical models, practical hands-on applications, and we integrate various social stimulation depending on each child’s threshold of tolerance so they can learn leadership and teamwork skills while gaining confidence and improving their motor skills.

Aquatic safety and readiness is always monitored and ensured during all exercises. adapted physical education includes pool funWhile staff work with kids in various movement concepts, regulations and standards are enforced at all times to create and keep a safe place for kids to excel in adapted aquatics programs.  Whether your child has mild or severe disabilities, ACP promotes inclusive aquatics programs to foster the health, spiritual, and educational needs of all children. Come explore Adapted Child’s Play and ask Coach Marnie about the Come as You Are program where kids of all abilities can bond through the most innovative adapted aquatics programs, and truly benefit from all avenues offered by San Diego County’s best adapted physical education and adapted play programs.

Adapted Aquatics San Diego

Come As You Are: It is our adapted aquatics swim team, and It means exactly what it says! Our Come As You Are swim team welcomes kids from all backgrounds with any type of disability to join others in a collaborative and supportive fun mode of play and competition where we learn and grow together. adapted aquatics for kids with special needsYour child will learn valuable teamwork skills, receive support from peers, learn how to support others, and fine-tune various sets of motor skills while facing challenges and finding JOY and success around every corner!

Did you know that aquatics is the most popular sport for kids with special needs? The history of adapted aquatics got its start in 1960 at the first Paralympic Games in Rome. The 2012 London Paralympics made swimming the second largest event in terms of athlete participation numbers–148 medal events with 600 athletes almost evenly divided between men and women caught the attention of the world, and now adapted aquatics is the number one sport for kids with disabilities in America!

Difference Between Adapted Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education

Our adapted physical education teachers, therapists and coaches get asked this question fairly frequently. Adapted_playThese terms are easy to get confused if you haven’t taken courses in adapted PE. Adaptive physical education involves the surroundings and environment being altered to accommodate the child. Adaptive physical education is when the child makes modifications to accommodate the environment. For example, our adaptive physical education therapists will often engage Xena the therapy dog with children who are learning to run down a straight line–our K9 friend will run alongside the child motivating him to keep going, and her presence often helps kids relax. An adaptive special education teacher may replace standard balls that children from traditional PE classes play with in place of balls that could be shaped, colored or that weight differently. Our adapted physical education San Diego coaches from North County focus on helping kids adapt to the same world with the same rules that everyone else enjoys, versus leaving that world behind in exchange for one that a minority of people participate in that offers less challenges and fewer rewards.

Life is Sweet. Life is Sweeter When Children can Play in a World that Adapts for Them.

Learn, Love, Laugh, Play

It’s time to introduce your child to something big. Adapted Child’s Play embraces the philosophy that life has no walls or boundaries; that all children with disabilities can achieve greatness, challenge their present world view, and become All Stars that refuse to settle for second-best. Come learn, love, laugh and play with us!