Adapted Physical Education and Sports

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The world is a playground with no limitations—where children of all abilities can learn, grow, and develop through the magic of play. Welcome to Adapted Child’s Play (ACP), the adapted physical education solution for dynamic, evidence-based and entertaining adapted physical education. Whether your child dreams of doing a somersault off the high dive board, or hitting a home run on the baseball field, Adapted Child’s Play and our credentialed Teacher’s, Coaches, and adapted physical education therapists turn dreams into reality for children with special needs throughout North, San Diego County. As a parent with a child having special needs, have you ever found yourself frustrated in trying to find coaches and teachers at traditional pools and gyms who are comfortable enough to work with your child? Our adapted physical education coaches gleam with passion every day working with kids of all abilities. Come play with us, and embrace the essence of life through empowerment and reaching full potential with our inspiring San Diego adapted physical education sports and JOY full movement programs!


Difference Between Adapted Physical Education and Physical Education

Our adapted physical education teachers, therapists and coaches get asked this question fairly frequently. These terms are easy to get confused if you haven’t taken courses in adapted PE. Adaptive physical education involves the surroundings and environment being altered to accommodate the child. Adaptive physical education is when the child makes modifications to accommodate the environment. For example, our adaptive physical education therapists will often engage Xena the therapy dog with children who are learning to run down a straight line–our K9 friend will run alongside the child motivating him to keep going, and her presence often helps kids relax. An adaptive special education teacher may replace standard balls that children from traditional PE classes play with in place of balls that could be shaped, colored or that weight differently. Our adapted physical education San Diego coaches from North County focus on helping kids adapt to the same world with the same rules that everyone else enjoys, versus leaving that world behind in exchange for one that a minority of people participate in that offers less challenges and fewer rewards.

Learn, Love, Laugh, Play

It’s time to introduce your child to something big. Adapted Child’s Play embraces the philosophy that life has no walls or boundaries; that all children with disabilities can achieve greatness, challenge their present world view, and become All Stars that refuse to settle for second-best. Come learn, love, laugh and play with us!